First Cobalt is committed to the sustainable production of cobalt for its essential role in the manufacturing of electric vehicles. The Company commissioned a gate-to-gate life cycle assessment (LCA) of the First Cobalt Refinery across six areas of impact based on First Cobalt’s refinery expansion feasibility study. Minviro, a London-based consultancy that specializes in life cycle assessments, conducted the study. The intention of the LCA is to quantify and benchmark the potential environmental footprint of the operation and identify opportunities to reduce that footprint prior to the refinery’s expansion and recommissioning.

The report concludes that the environmental impacts associated with refining cobalt at First Cobalt’s facility will be materially lower than the published impacts of a leading Chinese refiner. The report is being released in its entirety to demonstrate transparency and a commitment to industry-leading ESG practices.

Click Here for the Life Cycle Assessment

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