As global communities combine their efforts to transition to a more sustainable way of living, humankind’s reliance on mother earth does not become lighter – it takes on a new form. To power the energy revolution, we will rely less on fossil fuels and rely more on clean and renewable energy sources, mindful of the legacy we want to leave to future generations. What makes this transition possible, is the advancements made in innovation and technology, with the goal of reducing climate risk, improving quality of life, and upholding responsible human activities.

Electra’s mission of becoming an important supplier of sustainable and traceable battery materials for the North American electric vehicle supply chain stems from the realization that the industry in which we operate can continue to exist with more efficient processes, more conscientious practices and with a reduced environmental footprint.


As part of the Company’s strategic plan, Electra Battery Materials is committed to industry leading Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) principles. At the base of such principles, are the Company’s core values:

Respect for the planet and for future generations

Electra will be producing low-carbon battery materials from sustainably mined and refined primary materials. As a local supplier, the Company’s ambition is to help breakdown complicated, far-reaching supply chains to promote local production and consumption to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our facility will rely on clean and renewable energy as its power source and will use clean hydrometallurgy to transform raw minerals into green materials.

Respect for our employees

We believe that a meaningful, productive and safe work environment is an essential element in human development. Electra will not tolerate discrimination in any form, will not condone unfair labour practices and will promote equality of opportunity and diversity within the workplace. We will offer access to health care and ensure the highest safety standards withing the workplace.

Respect for the local communities in which we operate

Electra is mindful that move ahead with success, we must not forget the road that led us to this place. It is our vision to be an industry leader in developing mutually beneficial relationships with the Indigenous communities that live among us. We are committed to upholding open and constant dialogue, to community development and to local economical growth and opportunity.

Respect for our shareholders

In a constantly evolving and sometimes volatile marketplace, Electra is committed to mitigating both project and fiscal risks, through well considered and prudent execution of our business strategies and plans and by adopting a culture of cost prudence, determined work ethics and commitment to corporate objectives.



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